Vienna Rose

Hi! I'm Vienna and I am four years old. Here is a little bit about me!

My favorite color: Purple and Pink
My favorite movie: Rapunzel
My favorite show: Peppa Pig, Doc McStuffins, and Max and Ruby
My favorite outfit: Purple Dress and Pink Dress (These are WAY to small but I don't have the heart to take them away)
My favorite Disney Princess: Ariel
My favorite animal: Kitty and Puppy
My best friend: Brynlee and Bristol
My favorite food: Chicken Rolls
I want to be _________ when I grow up: I want to live in a different house and give people candy for Halloween while I am dressed up.
I love: My teddy bear - Ink
I like: To play with my dolls
I dislike: Smoking, drinking coffee, bad drinks (FHE anyone?)
I want: To have some stylish toys, like a chair, blow dryer, and sprayer

Mom's observations:

Vienna LOVES being the oldest. She likes to orchestrate big games and events and is thrilled when B and H follow along - she also gets very frustrated when they don't! (In other words - she is BOSSY)

Vienna is wary about trying new things or things she perceives could be scary or dangerous. When she is placed in new, unfamiliar situations she tends to sit back and observe before joining in. She is not adventurous or daring - every time she sees a slide she has to reconquer her fear.

Vienna is starting to recognize and associate emotions. She can tell when a movie is supposed to be scary and responds. She also can sense emotion in those around her and is very sensitive about how people feel about her.

Vienna is a very girly girl. She likes to pose in the mirror, play dress up, style her hair, wear makeup, wants to have her ears pierced, and NEEDS to keep her nails painted.

Vienna is also very loving and helpful. She likes to be thought of as 'big enough' to do things and loves to get new responsibilities.

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