Sunday, February 27, 2011

Beads, Beads, Beads

She figured it out!! Bristol can now make a string of beads all by herself:

We spent about an hour in the morning working on this together. I held the string and she put the beads on. Then she held the string with me. Eventually, she was on her own and there was no stopping her! She was so proud of herself that she finally figured this out. At first she would say "Ta-Da" after every single bead. She spent all day long doing beads - I could not convince her to play with anything else.

Look at that concentration!

 Notice the beads all over the floor? She would try a bead and if she couldn't get it to go on right away she would throw it and try a different one.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

At least it's quiet

It is 5:00pm and this is what my family is doing:

Paul, Vienna, Bristol and Hudson

Bristol fell asleep within two minutes of getting home and holding still

So Comfy!

The BYU game was right in the middle of nap time today, and since we couldn't miss the game....At least we won!! It was all worth it - I say that until my kids are up all night....I am just going to enjoy the quiet while I have it.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pink Pajamas

When Vienna was a baby, I never went anywhere without being OVER-PREPARED. I used to lug around 10 pounds of necessities, you know for those "just in case" moments. I used to take 3 extra pairs of clothes with matching hair bows, diapers, extra blankets, wipes, two burb rags, a changing pad (I don't think I even used once), Binkis, Tylenol, get the picture. As my number of children increases the amount of stuff I haul around decreases. Normally, this is a good thing...

We spent a day up at Karen's house while my family was in town. I took three diapers for Hudson, one for Bristol, and wipes. Hudson decided that he was going to teach his veteran mom a lesson.  He used all three diapers within a three hour span and decided to also poop all over his clothes. I happened to have a gift from someone so I had a pair of clothes to put him in, luckily.  They were 3-6 months and kind of big but worked. Of course, it didn't take him long to poop all over those clothes too. 

He ended up in Bristol's size four diaper, diapered up to his chin! Karen was handing down a pair of pajamas so he wore a pair of 12 month pajamas covered in PINK pigs. I took a picture for you all to see how adorable he looks in his big sister's pajamas. So much for a veteran mom.......
I kind of think he looks adorable....don't tell Dad!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Hudson is starting to be so fun! He loves to smile and tries so hard to talk to us. Paul is the clear favorite right now. Hudson smiles and talks to him better than anyone.

Hudson smiling. 8 weeks old.

Valentine's Day

Here are some pictures of our family's Valentine's Day. Paul got all of his girls flowers:
Here are our flowers!

Bristol trying to smell her flower

Vienna's PINK flower

We made Chocolate covered Strawberries
We had the girls make Valentines for their WHOLE family. 40 Valentines later we finished!! Next year we will have to start making Valentines a month early if we ever want to finish them in time...


Both of my girls love to sing! They sing to their stuffed animals, they sing to their brother, to their babies, and to each other. One of my tricks to getting my kids to go to bed is to tell them to sing a song to each other. So here are some videos of them singing!

                         Bristol singing our family's version of  "Go, Go Joseph"

Vienna singing "I Love to See the Temple"

Friday, February 11, 2011

And it came to pass....

We are reading about Ammon and Aaron's missions to the Lamanites in the scriptures right now. When we read about Ammon, Vienna, very philosophically, informed me that Uncle Ammon needed a time out for throwing rocks. When we read about Ammon going to rescue Aaron from prison, Bristol inserted a "and Betsy too" every time we said Aaron.

Last night, we TRIED to read about Aaron going to teach King Lamoni's father. Betsy and Aaron were over for dinner and reading with us. At first the girls thought it was just midly funny that we were reading about Aaron while he was sitting with us. Then it was Aaron's turn to read...

"Aaron read the scriptures"

Bristol says "Aaron says Aaron" and starts LAUGHING.

That was the end of scriptures for the night. Vienna and Bristol were both laughing too hard to keep reading....