Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Sidewalk

Getting three kids buckled into the car (and back out of the car) on my own is an ordeal. The most stressful part is leaving one of the girls alone for a few transition minutes. I've spent the last four months drilling into the girls that they STAY ON THE SIDEWALK.

This afternoon we rushed out the door to pick up Dad from school (we were late...of course). I tell Bristol to stay on the sidewalk, and start putting Hudson and Vienna in the car when Bristol calls to me, "Mom I need to do a pee!" I glanced over and see her coming towards me into the parking lot so I say, "Bristol no! On the sidewalk!" She retreats and I turn around and finish buckling Vienna and Hudson.

I turn around just in time to catch Bristol peeing on the sidewalk - SERIOUSLY? The one time she was obedient and did EXACTLY what I said all day. As I walked over, she smiled and said, "Look mom, I'm on the sidewalk!"