Wednesday, May 18, 2011


The girls went with Dad to one of their favorite stores - Cabellas. That's right, my two girly girls who love to play dress up, carry babies around, beg to paint their nails, and get into my makeup LOVE Cabellas. I love watching Paul raise his girls - he spoils them, adores them, and he convinced them they love fishing just like Dad. I think it is so sweet he took the time to build this relationship with his girls even if it means we all go fishing. I am glad he wants to share his interests with them and he recognizes the importance of bonding with them.

I told Paul to take pictures of their trip and these are the pictures he took - two, in front of the
fish tank and that was it. I asked where the rest were and he gave me a
funny look - I guess next time I will have to be more specific

These girls are crazy about their dad - Vienna is positive she is going to marry her Dad someday and if Paul ever goes anywhere more often than not, he takes his girls with him. If he doesn't he leaves me with two heartbroken kids. The three of them are inseparable - I would be jealous if I didn't love watching them together so much.

Car Wash

It finally stopped raining long enough for Paul to wash and wax the car - and has rained everyday since washing the car.....The girls were thrilled with the CONCEPT of washing the car and loved getting their swimming suits back out.

Bet you are wondering where the car I said the CONCEPT was exciting. They played with neighbors in which ever yard was currently providing the best snacks. The car would have been finished a lot sooner if Paul hadn't spent so much time chasing down kids. I was so glad to get the kids outside again - now I just wish the rain would ease up!