Thursday, October 18, 2012

Alphabet Book: I

This week I took a picture of every page we put in the alphabet books each week.

Letter Collage Page:

V on the Left, B on the right
I is for Inchworm Craft:

V on top, B on bottom
I is for Ice Cream Coloring Page:
I was so proud of how well they colored these pages! They worked so long on them. Sometimes it is hard for me to be patient when they go really really really really slow. I love how they turned out though!
V on the right, B on the left
Letter Crafts: I for Ice Cream
They just colored the pieces and glued them together. The highlight was gluing real sprinkles to the ice cream part. It was really fun and really really messy.
B on the left, V on the right
B on the left, V on the right