Thursday, October 18, 2012

Week 5

No picture of the wall this week. Sorry I forgot - and didn't feel quite guilty enough to go and get it all out again. At least not yet :).

This week we did
  • Letter I
  • Number 5
  • Ovals
For the Number 5 we did a tracing worksheet everyday. My sister taught me some cute songs about how to write each number that my kids love. (I will make a seperate post with all the songs) They sing the number song as they write their numbers. I would still love to come up with something fun to do for each number but so far we just write them.

For ovals this week we found ovals in our house, practiced drawing them and I was ambitious (rarely happens) and made the girls oval puzzles. They loved them! We did it twice in one day and again another day.

Tracing ovals to make a crown. V sometimes writes circles and ovals
backwards so she always put a dot at the top to help her go the right way.
The concepts we covered this week were:
  • Cutting: Still doing straight lines - going to do something new next week
  • Counting
  • Rhymes
  • Same/Different
  • Colors
  • Sight Words
This week was really fun cause I had finished a couple of new things for the girls to use. First time is always extra special!
Counting: They have to put their cupcakes in the right order and then count the candles out to match each cupcake.


For the first time I had V do 11-20 since 1-10 is so easy for her. Her initial response was, "It is too hard" We got to talk about how even if it is hard she can do hard things. She was so proud as she started figuring it out. What an accomplishmen! I felt like we learned something more important than counting that day.  
Rhymes: I put a pile of pictures in the middle of the table. The girls drew out of the pile and placed all the words that rhymed into the same piles.

The rhyme sets were: ar, ee, and at
Same/Different: A simple worksheet. Find which one is different. We haven't done this before and we need to do it again! It is tricky, tricky.
Colors: Saw this on pinterest and made my own. They have to put the paintbrushes into the right paint cans. The girls already know their colors but they loved doing this. A good review and a nice break from 'hard stuff'


 Sight Words: I am beyond excited about how this is going. The girls are both doing great with learning new words every week. We range between one and three words a week. I can never tell which words they will find easy and which will be hard. For example, they got 'can' almost immediately and took all week to learn 'it'. No idea why.


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