Monday, October 1, 2012

Road Trip

My mom and I took a trip to Arizona last month. It was a fast trip but a fabulous one. We left Thursday morning, arrived early Friday morning (our time), left Saturday morning to come home and got home Sunday morning. We literally spent more time driving than actually in Arizona.

We went for my cousin's wedding. I am so grateful I was able to be there to see her get married and start a new life with her husband. She was a gorgeous bride and I have never seen her look happier. I wish we could have spent more time together but she was busy - you know, getting married and stuff. Sheesh, priorities....

I can't get over how GORGEOUS the church looked! They spent hours getting
everything done but it was stunning when they were finished!!

I inherited my sense of direction from my mom. Believe it or not, there are two of us with the inability to tell you at any given time which direction is East and which is West. Fortunately, neither of us has an issue with asking for directions - mostly because we are very practiced. Knowing our history, I asked my mom if she had printed off directions from Google - I knew that without directions we would end up in Alaska - and confused about how it happened.

My Mom introduced me to Atlases...Atlasses... whatever. I honestly didn't know people still made these. Not only make them, but actually use them. For me, it was like finding out people still use rotary dial phones.

The thing is, I loved it. It was awesome to pull out the Atlas and check where we were. I like how smart it makes me sound to say, "according to the Atlas..." I think the Atlas helped me to appreciate each town we saw rather than the Google directions that don't give any information except, go South for a million miles.

We did have a moment of confusion when we crossed into New Mexico. We saw a sign saying Las Vegas 132 miles. So I am like - "Hey lets take go to VEGAS!!!" Then I think about it and I was like - "How in the world can you get to Vegas from here in only two hours?" So I pull out the Atlas, (it really never gets old to say that) and I start trying to find the road that goes through New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, and/or Utah to Vegas in two hours. I could not figure out how to make it work. I was sure we must have seen the sign wrong. Until, "Las Vegas 32 mile".  Hmmmmm.....

Go figure....
Remarkably using the Atlas (and with me navigating - always a dangerous choice), we only got lost once - and really El Paso wasn't all that far off the beaten path.

PS - I left my kids home with Paul! First time ever leaving them for more than a few hours. Paul was great about keeping them home. Oh, and thanks Stephanie for keeping them alive! :)

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