Thursday, October 18, 2012

Letter I

I forgot to take pictures of our sound pictures and the school wall. I have been resisting the urge to get it all back out to the pictures. I decided it would be okay to just not post the pictures. Our I sound pictures were:
  • igloo
  • inchworm
  • ice cream
  • island
  • ice skate
  • iguana
  • indian
If you say these words out loud you will realize they don't all start with a 'short i' sound. I didn't think about this AT ALL (obvious beginner) until we were saying the words and we couldn't go, "i, i, ice cream" DUH! I explained that I made two sounds. I think V understood but I sure wish I would have noticed before hand.

For the letter I, we did I is for Inchworm:

What is that face!?!?

Or that face?!?!

We did a punch page. I noticed that the girl's weren't as enthused this week about this. Newness officially gone. Next time I put together schedules I am going to mix in some other activities.

We also did our five tracing worksheets and alphabook crafts. Letter I is easy to write and the girls got bored with the tracing worksheets. It was the first week that they didn't do them quickly and try hard every time. :( It was bound to happen.  Here are some pictures of them hard at work.
B coloring I is for Ice Cream page. Loving that headband aren't you?

I can always tell when V is really loving what we are working on. Her
interest is directly proportional to how close she gets to the paper
Our highlight this week was making an igloo! The girls LOVED this. I don't remember where I found the idea online but it was a huge success. Paul was out of town this week and the girl's kept their igloos INTACT until he got home to show him. I think this will be a "just for fun" activity again this winter.

Sorry the flash freaked out! But here is the final product.

Hudson working hard in the background:

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