Thursday, October 18, 2012

First Snow

Our first snow! I am a sucker for snow, and I am happily teaching my kids to be to! We always have hot chocolate and cookies for the first snow. We went to our friends' house to make cookies and the girls insisted we dress appropriately for the snow. After getting all three kids bundled up, I remembered some of the reasons why I don't like snow at all....

So, I was REALLY, EXTRA ambitious and decided to take pictures of the kids in the actual snow. When we got down the stairs, V said she didn't want to stand in the snow so we weren't in the snow but next to it I think the reason H never moves in these pictures is because it is too hard in his coat. I love looking at pictures like these - they make me happy :)

After all that and I still didn't get a picture of all three smiling and looking at the camera! :)


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