Monday, October 1, 2012

Letter F

Here is what we did for our Letter F week:
  • 5 Writing worksheets
  • F is for Fish Craft
  • Frog Puppets
  • Bingo Art
  • Alphabet Books
These are my favorite first day worksheets - when we learn our new number
and letter for the week. The picture is linked to the webesite I get them
from for FREE!! :)
F is for Fish:

B is 'swimming' her fish..right in front of her face

V makes a fish face!
We made these really cute frog puppets! The girls played with them for hours until they were completly trashed. It was fun to do some painting. I managed to completely miss getting a picture of the girls' finished products, so I included my puppet that I made for them to see. When I made my sample one for them to copy - I was to lazy to wait for it to dry so I just used paper to cover it. It was cuter painted but faster my way!  

My sample version
And finally Bingo Art:

And because she looks so cute:

Bristol Mary
Because I love this face:

I love they get to learn and help each other! We have so much fun doing school together.

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