Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hee Haw

This is one of our favorite toys at our house. My sisters convinced me to give this to V for her first birthday. I did, but only because I couldn't think of anything else. Good thing my sisters are always smarter than me! Each of our kids have played with this toy, and now Hudson says it is his. (The girls have grown out of this unless Hudson is riding it and then they NEED it...story of my life).

I wish this was a video cause he says - "hee haw!" as he rocks. I have no idea where he learned it but I love it! So cute!

Can you see the bruise on his forehead? He ALWAYS has at least one

I tried FOREVER to get a cute picture of him looking at the camera and smiling, and I never got one. After Hudson got tired of riding, his friend (...ish, they spend a lot of time not liking each other too) came over sat down and said, "Cheese!" So sweet and cute and completely different than Hudson :). Her pictures turned out so cute.

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