Monday, October 1, 2012

Breakfast in Bed

So it was my birthday! (2 weeks ago but you know...) It was a wonderful day! My sisters and I always joke that on your birthday you wash dishes, change diapers, do laundry, vaccuum, and cook at least 3 meals.....birthdays for Moms are just not the same as they were when we were 10. In spite of regular life - it was a really great day. For my birthday the girls were extra helpful, sweet, and obedient - I have decided I need a birthday at least once a week :).

Here were my highlights!

Yes I did! :)

I got these shoes as my "get one half off" after replacing my regular shoes! Yay for $10 pink shoes!!

I am definetely not the only girl in this house that loves a good pair of high heels. The girls spent forever trying to figure out how to walk in the pink shoes.

With a husband busy with medical school I still got a birthday cake. Of course, it was from the Wal-Mart bakery and the day old rack (Because Paul can't pay full price for anything). The kids loved it and I didn't feel guilty throwing away the left overs, so everyone wins!

My kids drew me these birthday cards -

Hudson's card

Bristol's Card

Vienna's First Card

Vienna's Second Card

Front of Vienna's Second Card

Paul and I went out to dinner - alone just the two of us!! We never do that! Our friends were so great to watch our kids for us and we had so much fun! It was nice to get out and away from kids and school and reconnect with who we are together.


We have a birthday  tradition of breakfast in bed. Paul had a test on my birthday so for the first year ever I wasn't going to get breakfast (aww medical school). V was determined that I needed to have a special breakfast. So, I got up and made breakfast with her help, and then she insisted I get back in bed and she put the food on a plate (she made it fancy) and brought it into me. Breakfast in Bed!

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