Friday, October 5, 2012

Alphabet Book: Letter F

Here our pages for the Letter F. I realized I have never included that we also do a coloring page for our book.

F is for flower coloring page

Here are their collage pages:
B left, V right
I noticed this week that V is getting pickier about her work. She added water for the fish, ground for the foot and flowers, and camoflauged the frog. (It also took her FOREVER to color these pictures - FOREVER) I love watching her develop and her imagination go to work. I am so glad I get to see all of this at home!
F is for Feathers:
B on the left, V on the right
F is for Fish:
B on the left- she tried to fit all of her fish in the f. V on the right - she
wanted her f to be surrounded by fish in the ocean. :)
This week I decided to not turn the letters into something and just decorate them. I was curious to see what the girl would think of the change. They didn't seem to mind. They thought it was fun to use stickers and cut the feathers. I am glad I can have some flexibility about how/what we do for our letter crafts! (In the end, V did add eyes and a mouth to her capital F so to make a bird "cause it was more fun")

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