Monday, June 20, 2011

Sweet Potatoes

 Hudson is like a little puppy - he BEGS for food - he lunges for the table during dinner and he has started crying if we eat in front of him. I am talking full on screaming! What else could we do?

For his first time eating he did great! Of course we were both covered in sweet potatoes and a beautiful, orange tinted water by the time he was done! V and B were thrilled that he started eating real food and they both re-tasted sweet potatoes and declared them "Very Yummy." I just don't get the appeal personally....

Sunday, June 12, 2011

All dressed up

When the girls were little I used to have them in matching clothes a lot! I used to swear that if I had twins I wouldn't match them but some how it was okay to match them since they are a year apart - don't expect the reasoning to make sense because it won't! As they get bigger though, the matching outfits aren't as common. Mostly because B can wear V's hand-me-down clothes and so I just buy new things for V. While we were in California we went shopping at some outlet malls and Grandma Holly bought the girls some new matching dresses! When we got home the girls were thrilled about the new dresses but I think the most exciting thing was that they were the same!!

Their famous silly faces!

Even their shoes match! Bristol finally grew out of her Sunday Shoes and so she got to wear, according to Vienna - big girl shoes! 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

California - 4

On our last day in California we went to feed the ducks. The girls were thrilled! Since being home, Vienna has talked about how feeding the ducks was her very favorite part of going to California. Now, that could be that it was really the last big thing we did so it is the thing she remembers best, but either way they both had a great time.

The grass sloped down to the edge of the pond. As soon as we arrived the girls headed straight for the water and if I hadn't caught her, Bristol would have gone swimming with the ducks. The girls tried very hard to throw the bread into the water but they kind of throw like girls and couldn't quite get it far enough so the ducks came to the girls. One duck kind of jumped/flew out of the water right at Vienna and Vienna was pretty scared. But, it didn't take long before I felt like I needed to protect the ducks from the girls. The girls only disappointment was they couldn't pet the ducks - which they definitely tried to do - and they bemoaned this sad truth quite pathetically for their Dad as soon as we got home: "But - we never even got to touch them" ~ Vienna  "No touching ever!" ~ Bristol

Aunt Allie holding Bristol back from the edge of the water

Bristol didn't get to explore as much as Vienna because every time we
let her go she went straight to the water

I don't think Bristol really ever liked getting as close to the ducks
as Vienna. She liked them better from a distance!
I had to kind of hold Bristol...Okay I forced her to remain still when this
duck came this close.  This duck was smart enough to realize that it needed
to be this close to be sure Bristol got the bread to it

Vienna told me that this duck was her favorite duck. She pointed this duck out
from the whole group a couple of times and fed it the most. I have no idea if
she could actually distinguish this particular duck as her favorite, but
she was convinced that she could

I love this picture!

Showing me her favorite duck again

Hudson really loved feeding the ducks to...can't you tell?


This little guy seems determined to grow up as fast as he can. He got his first tooth about 2 1/2 weeks ago and two days ago he got his second. I feel like mom's sometimes pay a high price for teeth! Hudson was going to bed on his own and sleeping through the night (aww bliss) until his first tooth made its debut. Hudson seems to have a hard time with teething (my girls didn't - thankfully) he had the works: fever, runny nose, watery eyes, ear aches, grumpy, exhausted - but not sleeping. And, we finished round one just in time to start round two! I found the entire process exhausting and now have real serious empathy for mom's who do this with every child and every tooth. How do you mom's do this? I will take any advice I can get! (I know it seems funny to ask for advice on child three :) But my girls were super easy. We didn't even know they were getting teeth until we could see them)

We are now back on track with sleeping and we have our cheerful, low-maintenance baby back. I know there are more teeth on the way, but for now I am loving his cute little smile - teeth included!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

California - 3


Grandma Holly turned 50 while we were in California so we decided to throw her a big, surprise party. It was so fun to plan the party and it was really fun!! I was sure the girls were going to blow the surprise because they helped me make the flowers and inviations and we talked about the party a lot before we left. Luckily, once we got to California there was too much going on for them to remember about the party. Holly and Mike took Paul to the airport and then Mike stalled and stalled and stalled so we could get everything set up. Our 'theme' was Red Hot Chile Peppers - I don't have a picture of the invitations but here are pictures of the party:

Ice Cream Bar

Salsa Bar

Hudson and Grandma waiting

It didn't take Vienna long to discover this was the best seat in the house.
She would stand up, sneak some treats, and then sit under the table to eat them.

Bristol realized that Vienna had the right idea - she struggled
with getting out and back in a little and she was too short to reach the treats
but Vienna had no problem helping her!

The Surprise!
We love Grandma Holly! We were so glad to be there and help her celebrate her birthday! Vienna mentioned that night that we forgot to get balloons - a crime in our family. Maybe for 51?

California Girls - 2

Aunt Allie Graduated!! I still can't believe this! When I first dating Paul, his family still lived nearby and we were able to see them frequently. Me and my roommate invited Allie to come and have a girl's night with us - we had ice cream, watched a movie, painted our nails and we fell in love with Paul's adorable little sister (She is still adorable - by the way). I remember one time helping Allie and some of her friends make up a dance (so glad that isn't on video anywhere....). Now Allie is coming to start school and once again we will be living close to each other again!! YAY!! Hopefully I can pry her away from all of her cool friends and the cute boys to come spend some time with me! 

The girls also adore Allie - they woke up every morning asking where Allie was and went to bed every night asking if Allie could please sleep in their room. Allie is a great aunt, sister, and friend!! 


At the graduation Allie was sitting directly in front of us. The girls cheered and clapped for her the entire time - especially Bristol. Allie also hosted a special tea party for the girls - since we have been home I have been asked to do a tea party "just like Allie's" at least a million times!

Allie also colored pictures with the girls and she is a way better artist than I am. Vienna told me today that I didn't draw a picture right and I needed to do it like Allie..

I included both of these because I couldn't get Bristol to look at the camera when everyone else was - she is two....

California Girls - 1

We just got home from California and visiting Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Allie. We had a great time!! I really wish we lived closer to our family! By the end of the trip the girls (and Mom) were getting tired and worn out but it was still a great visit. I am still holding out for a big move to Colorado :).

The girls got to help Grandpa wash the car! They loved 'helping' and Dad and Grandpa actually got the car washed faster than I anticipated they would with so many little hands involved.

Bristol spent most of her time getting her rag wet in the bucket
and trying to get all of the bubbles out of the bucket as fast as
she could.

Vienna washed the car - and the sidewalk

A rare moment when both girls were actually washing the car !!

How lucky are we to have such a great Grandpa?!? The
girls loved spending time with him.

Marshall Islands

My beautiful, baby sister is serving a mission in the Marshall Islands and she told me about Guams in letter several weeks back. They are equivalent to our 'housecoats' except that women in the Marshall Islands have no qualms wearing them where ever they go. I couldn't resist the idea of cute Marshallese pajamas for the girls and this was the result!

Me and the girls think that these look more like dresses than pajamas so we decided that in the US they're dresses! 

Don't you love the piles of clothes around their feet...laundry day! :)

As cute as the girls are, I confess the adult version isn't quite as stunning - definitely more 'housecoat' than dress - I will not be going out in public in mine... :)

We love our link to Kaytlin! The Girls want to wear their "Island" dresses as often as I let them!!