Monday, October 1, 2012

Week 4

Concepts Covered in Week 4:
  • Shape: Diamond (pictures below)
  • Number: 4
  • Cutting
  • Colors and Numbers (pictures below)
  • Patterns (pictures below)
  • Opposites (pictures below)
  • Counting
  • Sight Words
Shapes: This week after we found all of the diamonds we sorted them into piles based on colors and then by size. I made 5 different sizes and the girls put them in piles and then in order. It was a fun way to work on several different skills at once


We did a color by number this week to work on colors, following directions, and reviewing the numbers we have been learning:

I didn't pre-make this color by number and after we finished we weren't sure what we made. We finally decided it was an elephant---sort of. Next time I will screen our color by number before hand :)

Patterns: I was so excited to get these pattern cards finally finished (It takes me FOREVER to get new things finished for school - I have a never ending list). We used our counting blocks (dollar store!) and the girls had a blast making patterns. They each did four or five different patterns before they asked if we had something else to do. An enormous success!

I made several different pattern types: AB, ABB, ABC, AABB

Opposites: I gave the girl's each one half of our opposite flashcards. They had to figure out which ones matched working together.

Sight Words: We are still working on our rings of sight words but I also finished our matching sight word game. Since it was our first time it was just learning and lots of help from me. We still had lots of fun though and V got to practice sounding out words

We normally do a handwriting page every day. Currently straight lines and  horizontal lines (the lines needed for our first set of letters). For something special, on Friday this week we traced a picture instead. It was a fun surprise for the girls.

I specifically chose an easy tracing page since it was their first. I underestimated them though they handled this simple barn without any trouble. I am going to do something harder next time for more of a challenge.

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